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As a chronic disease that often progresses slowly, periodontitis is often overlooked, mistreated or ignored – until it reaches an advanced stage. In the long term, periodontitis causes the gums to recede and the teeth thus have less and less support, until they eventually become increasingly loose.

The good news, however, is that inflammation of the gums can be stopped and stabilized in almost all cases if properly diagnosed and treated.

Our periodontitis specialists have developed one of the most effective treatment programs using the latest materials, technologies and techniques for the treatment of periodontitis.

Whether you are dissatisfied with your current treatment or feel that your gum disease is progressing despite years of conscientious dental hygiene and prophylactic treatments, we want to help. The first step is a 30-minute periodontal consultation, during which we will thoroughly examine your situation and provide you with a customized plan and individualized consultation.

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