Creating a smile that is perfectly tailored to you and individualized to your facial features is our specialty. This involves the use of the highest level of expertise, digital technologies and artistry. At F80, we create smiles that not only last a lifetime, but also improve your oral health and provide wellness and confidence.

The architect

Dr. Svetla Alpermann is the lead doctor at F80 and has 15 years of experience giving her patients gorgeous smiles that are not only beautiful, but created with extensive knowledge and consideration of bite and jaw movements. This creates a result that improves oral health and lasts a lifetime.
Dr. Alpermann has worked in both Switzerland and Germany and has trained with internationally recognized dental professionals from around the world. Dr. Alpermann was the first dentist to introduce Digital Smile Design at the famous KU64 practice. This is an advanced system for creating a smile in perfect harmony with facial features.

With her warm, caring and open charisma, you will immediately feel you are in competent hands. Unlike many cosmetic dentists, Dr. Alpermann makes it a point to get to know her patients first and understand their wants and needs, then create a comprehensive digital treatment plan. Based on this plan, the actual work then takes place in perfect harmony between dentist, technician and above all: the patient.

The sculptor

Cosmetic dentists are only as good as their technicians – the artists who create the ceramic veneers and crowns. Dr. Alpermann works with one of the most prestigious dental laboratories in Europe: Reichert di Lorenzen in Hamburg. The outstanding work of Reichert di Lorenzen can be compared more to art than dentistry, so perfectly is nature imitated here with the utmost precision. Reichert di Lorenzen, who has already been featured in the international press, for example in Vogue and WELT, has created a new smile for countless members of the European and international elite.

Dr. Alpermann works hand-in-hand with Reichert di Lorenzen – closely coordinating with each patient to ensure an aesthetic result that not only improves appearance, but also provides a healthy smile.

The technology

Digital Smile Design uses photography and digital technologies to precisely capture and plan your smile in perfect harmony with your facial features. In this way, your new smile will be designed to significantly improve your appearance while looking completely natural. Before treatment begins, we can show you what your smile will look like later with digital models and temporary mock-ups placed on your teeth.

The treatment

During your treatment, you can sit back and relax – watch your favorite show, listen to your own music, or sleep in the meantime. Our specialists and competent assistants are here for you so that you can feel comfortable and relaxed during your treatment and not experience any discomfort. You may even forget that you are at the dentist!

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