Tailor-made for anxiety patients – a simple first step to make going to the dentist possible again.

Fear of the dentist and dental treatment prevents many patients from regularly visiting the dentist and undergoing the necessary treatment. Our specialists understand and respect your concerns and fears, and want to help you build your confidence so you can come to us without fear – even if it’s been decades since your last appointment.

Let’s start slowly and quietly: with a simple conversation over coffee and – if you feel up to it – a checkup. This way, we can get to know each other and find out where your fears are coming from and what dental problems you have that need to be treated. If you are particularly anxious, we don’t even have to go into the treatment room. Let’s talk to each other in our “lounge”!

This first step is the most important – it allows us to determine what problems are present and then advise you on what treatment options may be needed. Our specialists can also advise you on whether treatment under sedation or general anesthesia would be suitable for you.

The costs of the examination and consultation are covered in full by statutory and private health insurance companies.

At F80 you are in friendly, caring and understanding hands.

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