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Periodontitis Consultation

Finally get gum disease under control with a tailored consultation and treatment plan.

As a chronic condition, that often progresses slowly, gum disease (periodontitis) is often missed, poorly treated, or ignored – until it has reached an advanced stage. Over the longterm, periodontitis causes the gums to recede leaving the teeth with less and less support, until eventually they become looser and looser.

The good news is that in almost all cases gum disease can be stopped and kept stable, when correctly diagnosed and managed.

Our resident periodontitis specialists have developed one of the most effective treatment protocols available, making use of the latest materials, technologies, and techniques to treat periodontitis.

Whether you are unhappy with your current treatment, or feel that despite years of diligent oral hygiene and prophylaxe treatments, your gum disease is continuing to progress, we want to help. The first step is a 30-minute periodontitis consultation, where we can fully assess your situation and offer a tailored plan and individualised advice.

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