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Die Zahn- und Gesichts- Spezialisten

At F80, our smile and face specialists are changing the way a visit to the dentist is experienced. We are leading a wave of innovation throughout dentistry.

We think it's time to "expect more"

We apply our “expect more” motto to all aspects of our clinic, our team, our service, and our craft: we expect more from ourselves, to raise the bar to new heights, and to be an international marker of innovation and excellence in the world of dentistry.

“Expect more” however has a far greater meaning: we think our patients should “expect more” – from their smiles. A beautiful smile in perfect harmony with the face can be life changing, bringing better job prospects, self-confidence, and even love.

A new standard of service & environment

For many people, going to the dentist does not inspire pleasant feelings. Many patients are anxious and want to leave as quickly as possible. We want to change that – doing all we can to help you forgot that you are in a dental practice. When our patients feel at ease and enjoy spending time with us, our specialists are able to treat them more effectively and in greater comfort.

Technology that underpins everything

Incredible technology supports and enhances our specialists ability to treat our patients to the highest level. F80 are first adopters of not only the latest dental and medical technology, but also apply technology from other industries to healthcare.

Attract and nurture the very best talent

We are intensely proud of our team – from superstar dentists with decades of experience, to our trainee assistants. F80 combines one of the most diverse, motivated, and talented group of individuals into a team that supports, cares, and challenges one another.

Innovations that go to our core

Our most impactful innovation appears at first glance to be one of the least interesting: our dentists all earn fixed salaries – against the trend in most European countries. It’s simple, but incredibly powerful. It allows our dentists to completely focus on which treatment is best for the patient, without financial interference. It allows them to take the time to support, train, and learn from other team members, and most importantly, it greatly enhances trust between patient and clinician. We think this is the model of the future, and our mission is to lead this change across the dental industry.

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expect more

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